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Hola friends welcome!

I am so honor you stop by and learned about my gifts and offerings to humanity. After searching for almost all my adult life what is my PURPOSE I finally found it!

It comes to that I did not have to keep searching...It has always been within me in my HEART. I realized that I felt it my entire life but it was not easy to recognize it until my HEART started to crack open.


I am remembering who I AM as a Soul and I am embracing the human experience. I believe we are here to expand our soul, transcend and become the super Humans we were initially created for...To have an open HEART and Universal consciousness. 

I am here now in full service to the Divine Plan to assist others in the path of remembrance, to help ignite and tap in to the unique gifts everyone has to offer.

During my path of remembrance I learned of my many Soul Skills  as a healer, alchemist, conduit, visionary, creator, and entrepreneur among others other gifts that I am activating as I keep moving forward in my journey. I addition to my healings, I am also the owner and creator of MadreTierra Candles  here I create beautiful HIGH VIBE products that comes from my HEART inspired by Source/God/Creator. 


I recently resigned my corporate job as an accountant to dedicate 100% to my Soul's purpose. I could not be more JOYful and peaceful to be in this stage of my life! I am truly thankful for this new path. I am a native from Medellin, Colombia and moved to USA when I was 17 years old. I had so many dreams and I always knew there is more that meets the eye. This wasn't an easy transition but it was very much worth it! I had a quite interesting ride in a new country with a new language and culture. I have learned so many skills from the many experiences I had  throughout my 20 years in the US but I have not forget my Colombian roots as well as my cosmic roots. That's right I am not from here but not from there! This a reference from a song from Facundo Cabral "Yo no soy de aqui, ni soy de alla"

Please read my bio to learn more about my journey here.

Thank you! Muchas gracias! So much Amor, Light, and Health!

Silvia, ARM


A Unique Approach

Distant Angelic Reiki + Light Alchemy 

Deep Removal, Replacement & Healing + Guidance

3 Healing Sessions Packet 1 hour Each

Transcend What no Longer Serves You and Transform to Your True Self 

Distance  Energy


Energy Healing to Anywhere in the World

Distant Angelic Reiki for Two or Couples

Amplified & Profound


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Find Clarity +

Practical Tools

MadreTierra Candle Co


High Vibe Products

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"La herida es el lugar por donde entra la Luz"


"The wound is the place where the Light enters you "


I was blessed to have a healing session with Silvia.  From the moment we started to the very end, I felt an amazing calming energy as she was working with me.  I had gone through the worst time of my life and was getting ready for some new beginnings prior to our session.  I felt our session helped clear so much of the negative energy I was carrying and helped create the calming space I so needed.  I look forward to working withe her again and highly recommend anyone interested to do it!

Mindy M.

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